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Birmingham Airport 100ml liquid rules explained as new scanners introduced

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Does Birmingham Airport still have the 100ml liquid limit at security check?

Birmingham Airport, which is one of the UK’s busiest travel hubs, has released updated advice on getting through its security check in regards to the changing 100ml liquid rule.

As it stands, the United Kingdom is undergoing somewhat of a slow revolution when it comes to airport security with state of the art scanners slowly but surely being installed across the country.

Some airports have already brought in the new scanners which have meant they’ve scrapped the 100ml limit on hand luggage liquids.

Birmingham Airport is another airport which has the new scanners in place but an important notice has been issued by those that run the international transport hub when it comes to bringing through liquids.

An end to 100ml liquid limits is on the way. (Getty Stock Images)

An end to 100ml liquid limits is on the way. (Getty Stock Images)

A quick refresh

By the summer of 2025, all UK airports will have to have new hi-tech scanners in place that will mean the end of 100ml liquid limits when going through security checks. So no more dumping that bottle of water you’ve brought with you before you put your stuff on the conveyor belt to be scanned.

You’ll be able to bring two litres in your hand luggage and it can be scattered throughout the bag, saying goodbye to the 20cm by 20cm clear, plastic bags that have haunted us for almost two decades.

Ultimately it’ll speed up queues in the airports across the UK making for a smoother experience, getting us to duty free and airport pints quicker. Result.

Birmingham Airport arrivals. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Birmingham Airport arrivals. (Christopher Furlong/Getty Images)

Birmingham Airport statement on 100ml liquid limit

Despite the new scanners being installed at Birmingham Airport in time for the summer, it is yet to officially scrap the 100ml limit.

This is because of a ‘new Government Directive that has been issued nationwide across all ports’. As a result, the 100ml limit remains in place for now.

But there is one change with there now no limit on the amount of 100ml containers being brought through. So the 20cm by 20cm plastic bags have gone, which is great news.

“Only liquids, pastes and gels in containers up to 100ml can be carried in hand luggage – anything larger needs to be in checked in luggage,” the airport says.

“No liquids above this size. Anything above the 100ml will be removed and destroyed. There is no limit on the amount of under 100mls containers that can be carried.”

Birmingham Airport runway. (David Goddard/Getty Images)

Birmingham Airport runway. (David Goddard/Getty Images)

It continues: “Containers that can carry more than a 100ml, such as insulated bottles, are permitted but need to be completely empty.

“Do not put your liquids, pastes and gels into plastic bags (please leave them loose in hand luggage). Do not take them out of your hand luggage when you’re in the security search area.”

What about electricals?

The new scanners also mean an end to having to take your laptops and tablets out of your bags to be scanned.

Well, not anymore. Same goes for watches. Leave them on your wrist.

Birmingham Airport says: “Leave all electricals in hand luggage during the security search. When going through security please ensure all items are out of pockets including phones, keys, coins and tissues etc. Watches can be left on.”

Birmingham Airport is expected to eventually bring in the new rules in full and axe the 100ml limit for good, so it is worth checking the website for the latest information if you’re coming across this article shortly before you travel abroad.

Featured Image Credit: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images/David Goddard/Getty Images

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