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City Council greenlights wastewater Infrastructure expansion on the east and west sides of Bryan

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BRYAN, Texas (KBTX) -With Bryan’s population on the rise, city leaders are focusing on upgrading essential infrastructure like sewer and water systems to keep pace with the growth.

During Tuesday’s city council meeting and workshop, several measures were approved to enhance wastewater services.

One significant move is the expansion of the Thompsons Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant on the west side of Bryan near the RELLIS campus. The plan is to double the plant’s capacity from two million gallons per day to four million gallons per day. The city says expansion is crucial to meet the needs of the growing population in that area.

“The water is there. Electricity is already there. The sewer is the next component to be able to support growth in that corridor,” said Jayson Barfknecht, the City’s Public Works Director. “The RELLIS campus is growing, and we expect future growth out in that area of town. So we’re trying to get ahead of it.”

Similar efforts are underway on the east side of town near Brushy Creek and Highway 30. A new wastewater treatment facility is in the works on Cole Lane in Brazos County to address the needs of that area.

This project includes a detailed study to determine feasibility and costs, with a focus on accommodating future growth. The facility is expected to initially handle six million gallons per day, with the potential for expansion to 12 million gallons per day in the future.

In 2022 people who live near the site shared their concerns about potential flooding and impacts to their way of life. Tuesday councilmembers emphasized the importance of these improvements for the city’s future.

“That is our chief responsibility to our citizens. So thank you for the staff for continuing to have forward thinking and make sure we’re prepared not only for economic growth but to provide our residents with clean, safe drinking water and wastewater,” said Councilmember Marca Ewers-Shurtleff.

The city council also approved several additional water infrastructure projects they say will support Bryan’s growing population and development.

Concentric Integration secured a $192,100 contract to upgrade the Water SCADA system, aiming to enhance automation and efficiency. Additionally, a $93,600 contract was awarded to Concentric Integration to automate the interconnection between Bryan Public Water System and Wickson Creek Special Utility District.

The council also greenlit participation in constructing a sanitary sewer line for Reveille Park Phase 1, costing up to $38,929. Another Interlocal Agreement, with Brazos County Economic Development Foundation, Inc., secured up to $140,000 for sewer line extensions in Texas Triangle Park.

Lastly, a $2,177,508 contract with CDM Smith, Inc. was approved to design wells 20-23 and associated equipment to meet Bryan’s water demands.

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