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Common household item you should never pack in your hand luggage on a UK flight

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IT’S IMPORTANT to know what you can and can’t pack in your hand luggage when travelling through airport security.

While lots of unusual items like human remains and animal horns are allowed to be taken onto a plane, there are some restrictions on common household items.


It’s important to know what items you can and can’t pack in your hand luggageCredit: Getty
Passenger can only take one lighter through security


Passenger can only take one lighter through securityCredit: Alamy

A lighter is one common household item that might cause delays at the security gate.

While it’s not illegal to take a lighter onto a plane, there are plenty of rules travellers need to know.

For example, passengers can only take one lighter through the security area per person.

Additional lighters will be binned by staff during the security check.

Lighters are also included in the hand luggage liquid allowance, which means they must be packed inside a clear plastic bag – along with tubs of moisturiser and sunscreen.

Items like lighters and e-cigarettes can be taken on board an aircraft; however, they must be kept on your person and should not be packed inside carry-on bags.

Lighters should be removed from the liquids bag after you’ve successfully left the security area.

Passengers should keep the lighter on their person when in the airport and on the plane.

The restrictions placed on lighters have been enforced by the UK government.

A statement on the Gov UK website said: “You can only carry 1 lighter on board.

Blow to travellers as UK airports delay move to scrap 100ml liquid hand luggage rules

“You should put it inside a resealable plastic bag (like the ones used for liquids), which you must keep on you throughout the flight. You cannot:

  • put it in your hold luggage
  • put it in your hand luggage after screening.”

E-cigarettes are also included in the liquid allowance and are banned from being placed in the hold.


New scanners are currently being installed at airports across the UK, which will prevent holidaymakers from having to remove electronic items or liquids from their bags at security gates.

Liquid allowances will also increase from 100ml to 2litres, when the new scanners are fully operational.

Only a few airports have completely installed the new scanners, including Birmingham Airport, Bristol Airport, Teesside Airport, London City Airport, Aberdeen Airport and Leeds Bradford Airport.

Even though some UK airports have the new scanners installed, the 100ml liquid rule remains in place.

Liquids placed in hand luggage, including aerosols and gels, should not exceed 100ml and should be packed in a clear plastic bag.

Until the 100ml liquid rules have come into force at airports across the country, travel experts are encouraging passengers to adhere to the liquids rule.

The Sun’s Head of Travel, Lisa Minot, said: “It’s worth bearing in mind that not all airports across the globe have the equipment.

“You may well be able to fly out with liquids over 100ml – but if the airport you fly home from doesn’t have them yet you could find yourself coming a cropper.

“While we transition over the next couple of years you’ll need to make sure you’re aware of the arrangements in any airport you fly through.”

Other items banned from planes

WHILE lots of unusual items like human remains and animal horns are allowed to be taken onto a plane, some items are banned from the skies.

  • Accessories that convert the seats to beds are banned by some airlines such as Qantas and British Airways.
  • Any toys that imitate weapons are banned – even if it’s unlikely that they will cause any injury. They can also get flagged at security checks.
  • Additional inhaler canisters must be packed into the hold.
  • Airlines such as easyJet have banned the sale of all nuts on their flights, with passengers asked not to bring them onboard.
  • Even though, snow globes are harmless souvenirs, you shouldn’t try to take them on a flight. It’s all because it’s impossible for airport security to tell how much liquid is in them.

We’ve also revealed the clothes that could you banned from your flight.

And here are the nine bizarre items that are banned from hand luggage, including protein powder and hair dye.

Lighters should not be packed inside hand luggage bags


Lighters should not be packed inside hand luggage bagsCredit: Getty

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