Thursday, June 13, 2024

Contract finalized for new St. Joseph County health officer

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(WNDU) – Today the final step to appoint the next St. Joseph County health officer wrapped up.

Dr. Michelle Migliore was voted in as the new health officer of St. Joseph county this morning.

Migliore has served as a member of the board of health for the last five years but has been practicing medicine in St. Joseph County for over 35 years.

She hopes her new position will benefit the community as she plans to focus on various health issues including maternal health and immunizations.

“We’re focusing on maternal/fetal health, we’re focusing on uh public health for radon detection. Radon is the 2ND cause for lung cancer in the county right now just behind smoking. We’re looking forward to our lead testing program continuing. And we have lots of public health nursing going on, we got immunizations, kids getting caught up from having missed immunizations during the pandemic and we have lots of other programming too,” said Dr. Michelle Migliore, Health Officer for St. Joseph County.

Migliore’s appointment comes after the previous St. joseph county health officer stepped down earlier this year.

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