Saturday, June 15, 2024

Douglas County Health Department offers mold prevention tips amid wet weather

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OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) – With all the rain across the area lately, you may have dealt with some water damage to your home.

That water, especially if left standing, can lead to mold. The Douglas County Health Department is offering these tips to help prevent a moldy environment.

First and foremost, stop all leaks into your home. Mold growth is promoted in warm, damp areas. Clean and dry as much moisture as you can where water may have concentrated, and pump and dry your basement without delay.

A dehumidifier and large fans will both help to dry the air in your home. If you see wet drywall, remove and replace it. The moist drywall promotes mold growth, and the drywall itself takes longer to dry out.

As for carpet, either water vacuum it or dry it with a fan. If it’s saturated, consider replacing it — DCHD says it’s extremely difficult to remove moisture once it is underneath a carpet. All hardwood in the house should be thoroughly mopped, cleaned and dried as well.

Mold typically needs multiple instances of water events to grow — drying the area completely and keeping it free of a moisture source will keep it from growing and spreading.

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