Monday, May 27, 2024

Entrepreneur says Bismarck Small Business Week helps downtown thrive

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BISMARCK, N.D. (KFYR) – Entrepreneurs in downtown Bismarck are wrapping up another busy “Small Business Week.”

Nine downtown businesses banded together to make locals’ shopping a unique experience.

Participating businesses are dishing out deals and handing out point cards to customers. Shoppers can earn points through purchases, liking social media posts and telling others about different small businesses.

Your Own Two Wings owner Amanda Grensteiner said she sees an uptick in customers during Small Business Week every year. She said because she’s a business owner, she still shops locally when she can.

“I always try to shop local too just to support local businesses and keep us open. Otherwise, you order online, you might not get it on time. Or you might not get what you expect at all. And so, this way you can feel it, and try it on, and you know what you like. That’s what’s great about being local,” said Grensteiner.

She said supporting small businesses is one way to help your community thrive, not just economically, but also by providing more activities and options for people to enjoy.

Small Business Week ends May 4.

You can turn in your points card to any of the participating small businesses. For a full list, visit the Facebook event called “Small Business Week” in Bismarck.

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