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Ex-Primark worker shares insider secrets to get money off at the till

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AN EX-PRIMARK employee has shared all the insider secrets to get more money off at the till. 

Joanna, who worked on the retail giant’s shop floor for four years, has even claimed there’s secret toilets that customers are allowed to use. 


An ex-Primark employee has lifted the lid on discount schemes and protocols availableCredit: Getty

She has shared the discount schemes and protocols available, as well as the best time to shop for fresh stock. 

The ex-employee joked that “there’s so much tea that needs to be spilt”. 

However, she first warned that shoppers should always wash clothes purchased in Primark when they get home. 

“Most of the stuff on the rails is gross and has been worn by the most sweaty, disgusting people,” she claimed. 

“Always wash stuff when you get it home before wearing.

“The same item has been tried on by more than five people”. 

Nevertheless, there’s still bargains to be found in the Irish retailer’s outlets. 

According to Joanna, Friday mornings between 9am and 12pm is the best time to shop. 

“Fresh stock is delivered on Thursday night and stocked overnight,” she said.

“You avoid long queues and get fresh stock.”

I went to the biggest Primark in the world – it’s got 5 levels including its own beauty studio with all the dupes, selfie area and even its own Disney café


If an item is damaged, Joanna claims you can wriggle money off it at the till. 

“If you want to buy an item but see that it’s damaged, then you can take it to the till say it to the person that’s serving you,” she said.

“They will get their supervisor or manager over, who will take money off it.”

The discount will be between 10% to 30%. 

Joanna shared this information in a now-viral TikTok video, which prompted some current Primark employees to warn that this figure will likely be closer to 10%. 


Primark offers a special discount to some public service workers through the Blue Light Card scheme

A Blue Light Card provides those in the NHS, emergency services social care sector and armed forces with discounts online and in-store.

Joanna claimed that this is typically 10% off every purchase at Primark.

To apply for the Primark Blue Light Card, eligible individuals need to sign up on the Blue Light Card website. 

The amount of discount varies depending on the product or service but can be as much as 20%


You will need to provide proof of employment or volunteer status within the NHS, armed forces or public sector. 

“Cardholders can enjoy exclusive discounts across all Primark stores in the UK,” discount experts at Vogo add. 

“The amount of discount varies depending on the product or service but can be as much as 20%. 

“In addition to this, cardholders may also have access to special promotions and events.

“The Primark Blue Light Card is a fantastic initiative by Primark to give back to those who serve our community. It provides great value and rewards those who deserve it most.”

Why is Primark the place to go to for bargains?

JUST how does Primark do it? Continue delivering on-trend items at such incredible prices? According to bosses, it’s down to four points.

  • They “sell a lot of items” – Thanks to that, they are able to make savings by buying in bulk for their 191 UK stores
  • They “do very little advertising”
  • While their clothes offer the “latest trends”, they “don’t use expensive hangers, tags or labels”.
  • And lastly, they try to be “as efficient as possible when transporting products from factories to stores”. This includes things like asking “suppliers to pack our t-shirts so they are ready to go straight on shelf”.

For more information about how Primark keeps their costs so low, and are able to deliver such amazing bargains, visit the Primark website.

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