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Historic Spanish seaside city named one of the ‘best’ in the country

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Sat on the coast of Murcia in southeastern is Cartagena, a port city which has a long history behind it. Though Cartagena is technically a port city, it was awarded the accolade of “best Spanish town for history” in a recent survey conducted by Which? Travel.

For history buffs who want to learn a little more about the history of Spain, Cartagena is the perfect destination.

Which? Travel experts applauded the region for its “five-star” attractions, including a smattering of museums and ancient ruins to enjoy.

Which? experts explained: “That’s thanks to sights such as the 1st-century Roman amphitheatre and contemporary bathhouse and arcade preserved as the Barrio del Foro Romano.”

The maritime enclave was a draw for the Carthaginians and Romans, yet even now, Cartagena remains an important naval seaport to this day and is home to a large naval shipyard. The port is also a hub for cruise ships which arrive every fortnight.

However, this means that the area can get fairly busy, with Which? awarding the town just two stars for peace and quiet.

Some of the city’s most famous museums include the National Museum of Underwater Archaeology, Cartagena Roman Theatre Museum and Municipal Archaeology Museum.

The city is also a great spot for witnessing some of the architectural feats of civilisations of the past, including Torre Ciega.

The monument is the only thing that remains of the Roman necropolis that was located beside the route from Carthago Nova to Tarragona.

The port town is also home to the Roman Theatre of Cartagena, which is believed to have been built between 5 and 1 BCE. An ongoing project has restored the theatre and given the city a new museum space for visitors to enjoy.

But it’s not just history that the seaside town is famous for. Cartagena also has a rich gastronomy science thanks to the wide variety of landscapes of the Region of Murcia.

In Cartagena, the star dishes are products preserved in brine, fish, rice dishes and paellas. Another regional speciality is fig bread and if you want to drink like the locals, Cartagena’s asiático is a must-try, made from condensed milk, cognac and cinnamon.

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