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Indian man debunks 6 ‘myths’ about Dubai, says ‘modest lifestyle’ possible according to income

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When individuals make the decision to move to a new city, their expectations and perceptions of the potential lifestyle can vary widely. Some may hold the belief that a particular place will offer them a superior quality of life, while others may not share the same sentiment. Taking these diverse perspectives into account, it is worth noting that Rohit Manchanda, a user on platform X, recently undertook the task of debunking prevalent myths about Dubai.

A man busted 6 myths about Dubai.

Manchanda made six-pointers about the city. A few of the things that he wrote about were that Dubai is not scorching hot around the year, alcohol is not banned, Dubai is a women-friendly city and many other things.

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Take a look at the post made by Manchanda here:

This post was shared on May 12. Since being shared, it has gained more than one lakh views. The post also has over 300 likes and the numbers are only increasing. Many people also took to the comments section of the post and shared their reactions.

Here’s what people had to say about it:

An individual wrote, “Wait a minute, you need an alcohol license to drink at home?”

A second shared, “This is amazing, Rohit! What a beautiful place. We’d absolutely love to visit there one day! We have a cousin who lives in Qatar, so we might make the trip in the next few years!”

A third said, “Sounds like a great city, Rohit! I’ve never been and wish to go one day.”

“That city looks amazing. Definitely one I will want to visit at some point,” added a fourth.

A fifth commented, “Honestly, Dubai seems like a fantastic place to live in. It’s on my bucket list for places to travel to.”

What are your thoughts on this list shared by Rohit Manchanda? How has your experience been in Dubai?

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