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Las Vegas UFO Reverse Engineering Technology Program Discovered

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LAS VEGAS  — Information has recently surfaced shedding light on an ambitious program that would have researched UFO technology in southern Nevada, aiming to exploit the tech, interview witnesses to extraterrestrial activities, and study the physical and psychological effects of the encounters.

Code-named “Kona Blue,” Las Vegas would have been in the eye of the storm when it came to UFO technology investigations if the program had come to fruition. But why the transparency now? Dr. James Lacatski, formerly a Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) analyst and missile expert, has some insight.

“It was completely UFO-related,” Lacatski said regarding Kona Blue. In 2007, Lacatski became interested in reports of UFO activity at certain hotspots, including a property in northeast Utah known by its nickname Skinwalker Ranch.

Lacatski designed and championed a highly secretive program called the Advanced Aerospace Weapons System Application Program (AAWSAP), an acronym that purposefully omits terms regarding UFOs. He met with Nevada Senator Harry Reid, who, along with two Senate colleagues, secured $22 million in funds. With the contract awarded to a subsidiary of Bigelow Aerospace, AAWSAP became the largest acknowledged UFO investigation in history.

AAWSAP boasted 50 full-time employees, most based in southern Nevada, and created the world’s largest UFO data warehouse. It spawned more than 100 technical papers on different aspects of UFO technology and related phenomena. DIA has not released any of those papers.

However, Lacatski, the overall project manager, and his colleague Dr. Colm Kelleher, the onsite manager in Las Vegas, have co-authored two books about AAWSAP, reporting as much as government officials would allow.

In his 2023 book, Lacatski casually revealed that in 2011, he informed a U.S. senator and a high-ranking official that “the United States was in possession of a craft of unknown origin and had successfully gained access to its interior. This craft had…. no intakes, exhaust, wings, or control surfaces …(no) engine, fuel tanks, or fuel.”

In other words, the U.S. had a flying saucer.

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