Sunday, June 23, 2024

Letter: Choose sustainability in all your lifestyle decisions

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The May 24 issue of The Sun tells us “$215 trillion to save the planet” is a good deal, but convincing the planet’s primary perpetrators, the 8.1 billion humans presently inhabiting it, that we can actually save it seems like a no-go. Tipping point in the rear- view mirror? God wouldn’t let us destroy his magnificent creation? Maybe you’re living the dream, but don’t let me wake you up. “Save the planet” sounds so generous and altruistic. Saving our poor little planet bathed in heroism? Not. The planet has no feelings and can’t be saved in any human sense. It will be the same with or without us, but really what’s “saved” is Planet Earth’s ability to support life on it, which is intrinsically linked to its unique, life-sustaining air, water and climate. Maybe it’s “Party like it’s 1999” every day on Jupiter, but with no life to hear it does it make a sound? The human population clocks in at 8.1 billion as our world shrinks little more each day. “It may be a small world but I wouldn’t want to paint it”, as Steven Wright has said. Saving the planet’s life-supporting ability sounds serious and it comes down to sum total accumulation of lifestyle choices.

June 8 was World Ocean Day here in the Ocean State and across the world, with our oceans projected to have more plastic than fish “swimming” in them by 2050 which is only 25 years from now. Another bellwether for the million species riding the extinction train, which makes the last stop in 2050, per the United Nations. We’re the Ocean State in Rhode Island and we appropriately established the country’s first offshore wind farm off Block Island in 2016. Threats abound with our Constitution State neighbor, Connecticut, now undoubtedly planning its strategy if the Constitution-killing felon Donald Trump breaks out of our worst nightmare and pulls off the reality-busting reelection impossibility. Protect and serve our Constitution, Connecticut, down to your very last breath.

Future generations of all life manifestations are counting on your good choices, which must prioritize sustainability, preservation, consolidation over chaos, inclusiveness over individuality and conservation over consumption that often have positive financial, health and environmental benefits endemic to them. Save nature, as we are reliant on nature to save ourselves. Protect your health and wealth by choosing wisely. What are you choosing? Sustainable living: renewable energy, vegetarian diets, bike more, worry less, which might save the million species riding the extinction train caused by human’s impact on nature. World War II may have saved the planet from facism last century, but we now have the personal, political and environmental challenge to change direction before we end up exactly where we’re headed with your lifestyle choices halting the extinction train before reaching its dreadful destiny.

Jay Lustgarten


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