Sunday, May 19, 2024

LG Display unveils super bright OLED technology that could shape the future of TVs

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LG Display has announced a handful of new OLED developments at SID Display Week 2024 in San Jose, California. These include OLED panels that can go extremely bright as well as ultra-responsive displays with jaw-dropping refresh rates. 

It’s using this technology to pioneer its OLEDoS for VR system, meaning we likely won’t see it come to any TVs for quite some time – however, these new OLED panels could open up a world of possibilities further down the line. LG says that they’re only about the size of a coin currently, however, they’re reportedly capable of hitting an eye-searing 10,000 nits. To put that into perspective, the latest TV we’ve seen with that brightness figure quoted was the Hisense 110UX, which is practically as bright as Mini LED has ever gone. Other OLED sets on the market seem to hit a maximum of 3000 nits, and they are leveraging either Micro Lens Array (MLA) or QD-OLED panel technology.

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