Sunday, June 23, 2024

Mario Cristobal reveals how Miami is adapting to new technology

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As a new era of college football unfolds on the field, the sidelines will be different heading into the 2024 season too. Teams have the ability to use technology in between drives. Coaches will be able to communicate with players on the field with radio helmets, mirroring what the NFL can do. A huge change for the sport and something programs are still getting used to.

Miami head coach Mario Cristobal and his staff are still learning. He referenced having a few old-school assistants and there was an adaptation process.

“We still have some coaches that, if they had to write a term paper, they’d write it on a typewriter,” Cristobal joked. “So, they’re going to have to get used to the technology and the iPad on the sideline.”

But during spring practice, Miami got everyone up to speed. Cristobal is happy with how his coaches are using the technology, mainly from a speed element. Mistakes can be identified within moments and fixed before returning to the field.

As for the players, this is nothing new for them. They grew up with these devices and know how to use them well.

“So far, what we’ve experimented with in the spring — they’ve really liked it,” Cristobal said. “The increase in the speed by which you get information is incredible. I think our coaches have adapted really well, they’re excited about it. I know the players, they live in the day of instantaneous feedback and information.”

At least on the offensive end, Miami has to feel good about pairing the communication with a veteran quarterback. Cam Ward transferred into the program from Washington State after also considering leaving college football for the NFL.

Ward was going to be a leader for the offensive, with or without the new aspect of the game. Now, he can be an even better on-field general by getting an assist from his coaches on the sideline.

If Cristobal still feels like there is still work to do regarding the new technology, there is still plenty of time before the season opener against Florida. Miami still has summer workouts and fall camp to get adjusted, both the players and coaching staff.

Hopefully, the Hurricanes can use it all to their advantage in what will be an important 2024 season. Cristobal is expected to stack up some wins and potentially compete inside the ACC for a spot in the CFP.

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