Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Mental health first aid offered free of charge

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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT) – CPR and AED are available in case someone unexpectedly has a cardiac emergency. Now, the idea has expanded to mental health.

Michelle Lauckner is the quality improvement specialist at Quality Health Associates for North Dakota and the lead instructor for the mental health first aid courses. She said anyone 18 years and older can take it.

Lauckner said the training takes 10 hours total, and since last year, more than 700 people across the state have earned their certification.

She said the class helps you recognize the signs of someone who may be experiencing problems.

“It has so much good evidence behind it that it is an effective way to help bridge the gap where there’s so many mental health challenges that are going on in the world, and we do not have the workforce to address all of that, so this is kind of a stop-gap,” said Lauckner.

Lauckner said the training is free in North Dakota, and people in industries outside of law enforcement and health care have taken the course.

You can sign up here.

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