Monday, May 20, 2024

Millions of Brits suffer ‘holiday choice paralysis’

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A poll, of 2,000 travellers, found 45% are overwhelmed by the high volume of hotel recommendations and 20% end up feeling confused. The location, cost and type of lodging are among the trickiest decisions for travellers to make – while 36% hate the thought of turning up at a hotel and the one next door being better.

The study was commissioned by, which has launched its 2024 ‘Perfect Somewheres’ Awards, to highlight a selection of the top 1% of hotels on its app.

It also emerged others are stumped when it comes to how long to stay (21%) and whether to settle for somewhere they have already been, or to find somewhere new (26%).

While as many as 21% don’t even know which country to choose. As a result, one in five have given up searching for a holiday completely as it was taking too long to decide the details.

And 24% spend more than 10 hours researching which hotel to stay at and on average trawl through 11 different properties looking for the perfect place.

Melanie Fish, spokesperson, said: “It’s not surprising to see travellers spend so much time looking for the perfect hotel, given how much choice there is out there.

“To help solve this problem, we have launched a new global awards program, which innovatively leverages data and really focuses on what matters the most: how hotels treat guests.

“We’ve combined our expert insight, multiple data points and traveller experiences to curate a list of standout hotels around the world so that people can easily find their perfect somewhere.”

The stats also revealed 57% of those who experience this holiday choice paralysis combat it by reading reviews. While over half 53% allow enough time to research, 39% use filters on booking sites, and 32% set a strict budget right from the start.

However, 36% have been left disappointed with their accommodation, despite conducting a lot of research before booking.

It also emerged sifting through the sheer number of hotels, deciding on a location and reading reviews are the most time-consuming tasks when it comes to booking a trip.

The research, commissioned via OnePoll, also found 51% admitted their hotel requirements change for each trip they go on. Although the main considerations include the cost (63%), the location (62%) and the reviews (29%).

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