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National Small Business Week; highlighting three local small businesses

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Ohio (WKEF) — This week was National Small Business Week, and Dayton 24/7 Now wanted to highlight some local small businesses.

Dayton 24/7 Now reporter, Jenilee Borek spoke to small business owners in multiple cities.

The Cozy Corner

The Cozy Corner in the heart of downtown Miamisburg has been open for a year and a half. Owner Cathy Ball was a retired small business owner, but something inspired her to open another store.

“I moved here to Miamisburg and fell in love with this town. It reminded me of my childhood, and I told my husband that I really wanted to open another little shop,” said Ball.

There are challenges to owning your own business.

Ball said that the economy is one of them and people wanting to shop online can make things difficult. However, she said that connecting with customers is a rewarding part of owning her business.

“We’re able to learn each other. There’s so many people that come in, return customers that I know what’s happening in their life because we’ve shared stories with each other,” said Ball.

To visit The Cozy Corner’s Facebook Page, click HERE.


A new restaurant, Culture in the Oregon District has only been open for seven months.

Owner Dane Shipp changes the menu constantly so people can experience unique food from different cultures. Only a few items stay on the menu all the time.

Shipp said starting a business is not easy, but he has had a lot of support.

“We’ve got a lot of support from the community. People been knowing about me for years, so a lot of people were excited that I finally got a restaurant. I used to cook on the streets out here in Oregon District just under a tent for years. Yeah, so I finally got an actual building,” said Shipp.

He said the biggest challenge is getting new faces in the door, but he enjoys seeing people leave satisfied.

“We never want people to come here and have a bad experience, so the fact that people have a good experience here, that’s just, that’s literally why I wake up every day to do this. That’s why I do this,” said Shipp.

To visit Culture’s website, click HERE.

Beckel’s Humidor

Beckel’s Humidor has been open since April of 2021 in Uptown Centerville.

Co-owner Megan Simpson said that it is a very social environment.

“Beckel’s Humidor is kind of like the ‘Cheers’ in the cigar world. Whenever anybody new comes in our key phrase as soon as they walk in is ‘Hey, welcome home,'” said Simpson.

Simpson said that after retiring from the military she tried corporate life, but it was not for her. She was not sure what she wanted to do, and her cousin suggested they open a small business together.

Now, the business has brought a lot to her life.

“What’s funny is what’s the hardest is also the most rewarding. Is the fact that these guys that come in here and gals that come in here every day truly are family,” said Simpson.

To visit Beckel’s Humidor’s website, click HERE.


These are just three of the many small businesses that need community support to keep their doors open.

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