Tuesday, June 25, 2024

New technology in Elk Grove aimed at improving emergency response time, safety

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ELK GROVE — The Cosumnes Fire Department has new technology at work throughout Elk Grove that is aimed at making response times faster and safer for first responders. 

The Cosumnes Community Services District and the City of Elk Grove are piloting  LYT.emergency, a cloud-based technology designed to improve roadway safety and travel times for first responders. Using the emergency vehicle’s GPS location, traffic lights change to allow first responders to get to calls more quickly. 

There are 43 traffic signals across Elk Grove with the technology along Laguna Boulevard, Bond Road and Elk Grove Boulevard. 

The goal is that traffic is not disrupted and it’s easier and safer for drivers to pull over to the right and allow emergency responders to move through intersections.

The technology will be in a pilot phase for a year while stakeholders determine if it can be a long-term tool for first responders. 

“If we are delayed the survivability rate for patients and victims goes down,” said Kevin Mclean, First Battalion Chief for the Cosumnes Fire Department. 

The technology is paid for with Measure E funding.

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