Monday, June 24, 2024

Nvidia shipped 3.76M data center GPUs in 2023 — dominates business with 98% revenue share

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The recent AI boom has paid dividends for Nvidia, with the company reportedly shipping 3.76 million data center GPUs in 2023 alone. This is over a million more graphics processors than it shipped to this market in 2022, growing its sales by over 42%. According to HPCwire, these numbers show that Nvidia has retained its 98% market share of the data center GPU market in 2023 from the previous year.

Aside from its lead in the data center market, Nvidia has also cornered 88% of the desktop GPU market, with the next-generation RTX 50-series expected to arrive later this year. Because of this massive demand, the company has seen record growth, with Nvidia hitting $60.9 billion in revenue in 2023 — a full 126% higher than in 2022.

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