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OBGYN speaks about National Women’s Health Week

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PINE BELT, Miss. (WDAM) – Women around the globe are taking extra steps to improve their wellness routines.

Sometimes, that starts with a simple doctor’s visit.

Getting prepared for annual check ups is an everyday task for Dr. Andrea Carter, but after being in the business for over a decade, she said some women are not taking those check ups as seriously as they should.

“As women they do come to the doctor more than men but some people avoid coming to the OBGYN,” Carter said.

Doctors like Carter are emphasizing the annual checkups during National Women’s Health Week, particularly pelvic and breast exams.

Carter said she’s afraid women aren’t coming to the doctor like they should because of misinformation

“There’s a lot of new myths about that, saying that you only need to come in every three years,” Carter said. “(But) that’s just for a pap smear and that’s only for people who never had an abnormal pap smear.”

Waiting too late to come in for an appointment could lead to issues, like cervical and ovarian cancer, as well as others that could possibly be avoided by screenings.

“People definitely need to come in and get their exams,” Carter said.

The Centers for Disease Control said more than 11,000 new cases of cervical cancer are detected every year and about 4,000 women die from the disease annually.

CDC statistics also say more women die from ovarian cancer from any other related cancer for women.

“A bimanual exam, a pelvic exam is the only screening for ovarian cancer.” Carter said.

Getting these exams yearly can help with early detection and treatments.

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