Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Officials hold first news conference on proposed $100 million sports complex

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BORGER, Texas (KFDA) – The Borger community expressed their thoughts and concerns regarding the future of the proposed sports complex and its possible impact on the economy and local businesses.

“I think there’s a lot of concerns on if the taxpayers taxes are going to increase to support this project, and there’s no intention of that happening. We’re just making sure that people are aware,” said Amy Fesser, executive director for Borger Economic Development Corporation.

Borger leaders are discussing the impact the complex could have on expansion in the city and how it could affect taxes and tourism.

“This is a great opportunity but we want to make sure that they’re vetted and that this is, you know, something that can benefit our community without putting a burden on our taxpayers,” said Garrett Spradling, Borger city manager.

Discussion is still in its early stages. 828 Sports Ventures is driving the project and is taking steps to make the complex a reality.

“Next step is strategic planning. After we get a chance to visit the site, now we’re going to do some strategic plannings and get the site planned. As we get the site planned we’ll know in detail what else will be needed for this project and we can detail it out for everybody in the public,” said DeAngelo Simmons, CEO of 828 Sports Ventures.

Officials say the conservative timeline on the project is five years for the development of this multi-million dollar facility.

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