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Our Place’s bestselling Always Pan is currently £35 off for a limited time only in the brand’s HUGE spring sale

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The Our Place Always Pan 2.0 with over 26,000 five-star reviews and dubbed ‘perfection’ by home cooks, is reduced in the brand’s big spring sale. And it’s not to be missed. 

The internet-famous 10-in-1 bestselling cookware system went viral thanks to its incredibly versatile design that’s deep enough to roast a chicken yet shallow enough to flip an egg. And right now, you can grab it for £35 off in the Our Place Spring Sale

The popular Our Place Always Pan 2.0 is on sale for £35 off in the Our Place spring sale, now reduced to £95 until May 19. 

The streamlined pan does the work of 10 traditional cookware pieces, saving you valuable time and space in your kitchen.

Other upgraded features see improvements to its non-stick, and it can now be taken from the hob to the oven.


Save up to 37 per cent off on fresh cookware, tableware, appliances, and more in the Our Place Spring Sale

 Save up to 37 per cent off on fresh cookware, tableware, appliances, and more in the Our Place Spring Sale 

Hailed a ‘complete game changer in the kitchen’, the Always Pan 2.0 puts an end to endless cookware and food that gets stuck to the pan. 

An indispensable tool for anyone who loves to cook or even for those that struggle in the kitchen, the 10-in-1 pan boasts a non-stick coating and a space-saving silhouette that can go safely from hob to the oven. 

‘Best pan ever!’ raved one thrilled shopper. ‘Not only does it look amazing it’s also so easy to cook with. It’s lighter than I thought it would be (which is a good thing) and love the fact you can brown food off on the hob and then slow cook it in the oven.’

The original Our Place Always Pan sold out a staggering 30 times when it first launched, wowing shoppers with its stylish, streamlined design that replaces the need for 10 traditional cookware. 

The Always Pan 2.0 has once again been deemed a worthy upgrade to traditional cookware, ridding the need to excess cookware whilst looking impeccably stylish whilst doing so. 

Self-proclaimed ‘massive converts’ have raved about how the pan braises, sears, steams, strains, sautés, fries, boils, bakes, serves and stores. And thanks to the upgrade, it can withstand temperatures up to 230 degrees Celsius for hassle-free roasting, baking and steaming. 

‘Perfection,’ praised one user. ‘This pan is exceptional. It’s beautifully made, nothing sticks, and nothing burns. When I cook with it, I feel like I’m looking at a cookery book photo. It has lived up to the hype and then some.’

The Our Place Spring Sale is a great time to save on baking, roasting, and griddling essentials

The Our Place Spring Sale is a great time to save on baking, roasting, and griddling essentials

Along with the Always Pan 2.0, the Our Place Spring Sale is a great time to replace toxic and bulky pot-and-pan sets.

The Ultimate Cookware Set, now £180 off its normal price for a limited time, is a great way to get the whole collection. The eight-piece set includes the brand’s bestselling titanium Always Pan® Pro, Perfect Pot, Mini Always Pan, Mini Perfect Pot, plus the ever-versatile Griddle Pan and ceramic baking dishes.

‘Bought the whole set of pans and very pleased with the purchase. It’s a pleasure every time I use them for cooking and most of all love that they’re non toxic.’

Don’t miss your chance to upgrade your tablescape for spring and summer with great deals on Our Place’s versatile, restaurant-grade dinnerware bundles  including the 20-piece Classic Stacking Set, now £115 off the retail price.

 Our Place Spring Sale

From boiling to baking, steaming to braising, the 8-in-1 family-sized, stovetop-to-oven nonstick Perfect Pot is set to revolutionise your cooking. 

The generous 5.2-litre size is also oven-safe up to 230 degrees and induction-compatible for all your favourite stovetop-to-oven recipes. 


Get the iconic Always Pan 2.0 plus a Perfect Pot in this Home Cook Duo deal, which saves you £65.

With this super versatile duo, you’re all set for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and everything in between. 


The mini version of the bestselling Always Pan is now on sale for £85 and is your ultra-convenient sidekick for everyday meals.

Similar to the regular size, this mini 21.6 cm pan sautes, fries, bakes, sears, boils, braises, strains, serves and stores.


Whether you’re cooking a mid-week meal for one or hosting a dinner party, your cooking just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Always Pan Trio. 

The 4-piece Always Pan and Perfect Pot set features a mini and full sizes of the bestselling Always Pan 2.0 and Perfect Pot.


Disclaimer: All prices mentioned are accurate at the time of publication. 

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