Monday, May 20, 2024

Resources available to faculty and staff during Women’s Health Month 

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Women often spend their time nurturing and taking care of others, but Women’s Health Month is a great time to focus on taking care of oneself, as well.  

Routine health screening and tests are essential to the treatment and prevention of normal to severe health issues. 

Resources are available year-round to Clemson faculty and staff through the state health plan, PEBA and ComPsych (Clemson’s Employee Assistance Program). 

Even if you may not have symptoms of a health problem, taking preventative care is important in understanding your health. The State Health Plan through PEBA allows eligible members to receive routine tests such as Pap smears, HPV tests, mammograms and more at no additional cost. 

For a full overview of women’s health resources available through the State Health plan, visit this comprehensive women’s health guide

ComPsych offers a multitude of resources for women to prioritize their health. This guide lists several resources to address common challenges women may face.  

Clemson also provides programs and information about women’s health. Cooperative Extension offers several resources for new mothers on their Rural Health and Nutrition webpage

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