Monday, June 24, 2024

Sausalito advances plan for business district

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Sausalito will move forward with creating a property business improvement district.

In a 4-1 vote on June 4, the City Council approved a resolution of intent to establish the entity. The vote also initiates mail-in balloting, the next step in the process. The city, which owns around half of the parcels, will contribute 50% to the district.

The decision comes during the city’s budget process. Sausalito’s budget is strained because of rising pension payments and the city’s loss of its insurance provider.

“This model, a public-private partnership, allows the people in the trenches to operate nimbly, quickly, with local knowledge, local control, to benefit themselves.” Mayor Ian Sobieski said. “The incentive is aligned and when they benefit themselves they benefit the city by filling our parking lots.”

The city-owned parking lots are fairly empty in the off-season, and the proposed district could help bring more business to the area year round.

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