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Shopping for a cooling mattress this weekend? 7 big sales I recommend

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Summer brings warm weather and sunny days, but if you struggle to drift off when it’s hot, it can also signal disrupted sleep. With warmer temperatures on the horizon, I’ve rounded up some of the best deals on cooling mattresses this weekend, including 20% off the Casper Snow cooling hybrid mattress at Casper. That reduces the price of a queen Casper Snow to 

Hybrid mattresses are typically the best mattresses for people who overheat in bed or experience night sweats and hot flashes. If that sounds like you, I’d recommend this deal on the Nectar Premier Copper Hybrid Mattress, priced $1,399 for a queen at Nectar Sleep. That’s a saving of $850 ahead of this year’s Memorial Day mattress sales.

But this weekend’s cooling bed sales aren’t just about Casper and Nectar – I’ve found a range of excellent savings from Purple, Helix and Sealy too, many of which feature in our best cooling mattresses guide. Here are seven deals I recommend buying this weekend if overheating is ruining your sleep…

What’s the best type of mattress for hot sleepers?

The best hybrid mattresses and innerspring mattresses are typically the best beds for hot sleepers, as open coils leave plenty of room for hot air to circulate and dissipate. In addition, medium-firm to firm mattresses tend to have better cooling than soft mattresses. Soft mattresses have more sink, and when you’re being embraced by the bed, the cushioning can hold on to body heat.

However, some of the best memory foam mattresses have come up with clever ways to improve cooling. Infusing fabrics with materials such as copper and gel, which naturally draw heat away, can help keep things cooler. And keep an eye out for GlacioTex and Phase Change Material upgrades, as these clever specialist materials can also improve temperature regulation.

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