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Simply beautiful beach is one of the UK’s most secluded destinations

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Looking for a beach without many crowds for 2024? A beautiful spot on the East Yorkshire coast has been described as one of the country’s best secluded beaches.

The staycation experts at said Spurn Point is one of the UK’s least-known beach spots.

A spokesperson said: “At the mouth of the River Humber near Hull, Spurn Point is a three-mile stretch of beach reaching into the estuary, away from the land, making it one of the best secluded beaches in the UK.

“It’s not a place for swimming, as the currents in the estuary are very strong, but it’s a great place to sit and soak up the solitude while watching migratory birds fly overhead.”

Spurn Point might not be a swimming spot but it’s a fantastic place for a walk, even if the weather doesn’t play ball.

The Yorkshire Wildlife Trust says: “Spurn Point is Yorkshire’s very own Land’s End – an iconic and constantly moving peninsula which curves between the North Sea and the Humber Estuary.”

The walk can be a little uneven and be sure to check the tide times before you set off, so you aren’t cut off from the mainland.

‘Stupotts58’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “What a place! Never been anywhere like it. Long walk to the lighthouse but lovely day for it.”

‘SteadyS’ said: “Marvellous! Have been numerous times over the years and never disappoints.”

Another person said: “A simply beautiful three-mile walk with huge skies all around and the sea whipping up flanking you on both sides.

“As little as fifty metres wide, the Point is a wonderful haven on the coast to appreciate nature in its raw glory.”

Tourists will find Spurn is a fantastic bird-watching spot with a huge mix of sea species making the area their home.

If you’d rather not explore on foot, why not join a Yorkshire Wildlife Trust safari in a 4×4 truck?

It’s around one hour’s drive from Hull or an hour and a half’s drive from the seaside town of Bridlington.

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