Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Social tournament at the social sports school in Guimarães

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The Alma Branca socio-sports school of the Real Madrid Foundation in Guimarães (Portugal) held a socio-educational tournament that brings together its beneficiaries for a day of social interaction to enjoy football and values every term. As a result, they put into practice what they learn in training sessions and are rewarded for good behaviour during the activities.

This socio-educational tournament involves beneficiaries of the socio-sports school of Guimarães, who train at the Nossa Senhora da Conceição, Barreiro and Gondar schools, prioritising good attitudes and the transmission of values above sporting results. The final tournament between the beneficiaries will take place in June involving a large number of children and their families, who will be able to share experiences and cultures with each other.

The Guimarães socio-sports school caters for children from 5 to 12 years of age from families experiencing socio-economic problems, at risk of social exclusion or with parents whose work schedules are not compatible, which means that they are unable to care for their children appropriately and which leads to children struggling with learning, emotional and behavioural problems. The school, which was launched in 2015, in addition to socio-sports activities, provides the children with snacks, annual medical examinations, IT, English and school tutoring classes, socialisation activities, healthy leisure and free time throughout the season and in the summer. Since the 2022-23 season, thanks to the extension of the UPS Foundation’s collaboration with the Real Madrid Foundation, this school has been supported in its sustainability and carries out joint activities with its employees and volunteers.

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