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Sound Mind’s Sixth Annual Music Festival for Mental Health: MisterWives, Kevin Morby, and More

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On May 18th, the vibrant streets of Bushwick, New York, will pulsate with purpose as the Sound Mind Music Festival for Mental Health returns. This incredible event, held on Jefferson Street, promises a day filled with music, community, and a passionate dedication to destigmatizing mental health.



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See latest videos, charts and news

Sound Mind, an organization deeply committed to fostering open conversations and understanding around mental health, has curated an event that not only entertains but educates and empowers. 

Attendees will be treated to a wide variety of attractions, all aimed at advancing the organization’s mission of creating a more inclusive and supportive society.

While the event is open to all with no admission fee, Sound Mind Live offers a VIP experience for those looking to amplify their support. VIP ticket holders gain access to exclusive festival areas, receive special merchandise, and can dance the night away at the afterparty featuring DJ White Shadow, renowned for his work with Lady Gaga on hits like “Born This Way” and “Artpop”. 

Moreover, every donation and purchase contributes directly to the development of the Sound Mind Center, a forthcoming wellness hub designed to harness the healing power of music and sound.

One of the highlights of the festival is the live performances by esteemed artists, including Kevin Morby and the pop quintet MisterWives, alongside talents like Bailen and SHAED. 

MisterWives’ drummer, Etienne Bowler, shared his thoughts on the significance of participating in such a meaningful event: “I think Sound Mind festival is a great way to start! Talking about mental health, performing shows to raise awareness, having resources available if people need them and creating a community that is a safe space for anyone to be a part of, speak and be heard, listen and relate, grow and heal, is the beginning of how we tackle it.”

After the festival, fans in New York can head over to Elsewhere in Brooklyn for an unforgettable afterparty experience. Tickets for Sound Mind Live are currently available HERE. Stay tuned for more from Billboard and Sound Mind. 

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