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The world’s ‘most stressful tourist trap’ has been named

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receives millions of every year, with approximately 65.2million visitors flocking to the bright lights of the Big Apple in 2018. And the majority of those tourists will head straight for one of the city’s most famous destinations – Times Square.

Times Square is a tourist hub and major commercial intersection home to countless shops, restaurants and entertainment.

However, the brightly lit square has also been slammed as the world’s “most stressful “, with visitors describing it as “overrated” and “underwhelming”.

A study conducted by experts at Preply analysed reviews to find the global tourist destination with some of the most negative reviews.

According to Preply’s report: “For many of us, Times Square is one of the first things that springs to mind when we think of New York. Lined by rows of brightly lit billboards, it’s certainly a sight to behold.

“Its legendary status attracts approximately 330,000 people daily – which some say makes it a stressful and overcrowded experience.

“A whopping 1,761 reviews for Times Square label it “overrated”, “underwhelming” or a “tourist trap”.

Reviews often bring up that it’s too busy, as well as dirty and even boring. “Granted, the main appeal of Times Square is its iconic status as a bustling entertainment hub,” continued Preply.

“But if you’re not a fan of crowds (or feel intimidated by the sensory overload of all those screens and lights), it may be worth avoiding this one.”

The square is lit by numerous digital billboards and advertisements, with many of the shops and restaurants also lighting up their own signs.

Times Square is also the hub of the Broadway Theatre District and a major centre of the world’s entertainment industry.

Over 460,000 pedestrians walk through Times Square on its busiest days and it is the location of New York City’s famous New Years Eve ball drop which takes place annually on December 31.

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