Saturday, May 25, 2024

This Brand Curates Personalized Supplements Based on Your Diet, Goals, and Lifestyle

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The world of nutritional supplements is filled with pitfalls. If you’re a newcomer, you probably aren’t sure where to start. If you’re a pro, you’re likely trying to find the most effective products in an endless sea of options. Gainful demystifies this arena with simple, personalized supplements for you, whether you are a competitive athlete or a casual gym-goer.

Start with this quiz. You’ll answer a few questions about your diet, goals, and lifestyle. Gainful does the rest, crafting a personalized blend of protein powder and curating recommendations for daily greens, pre-workout, and hydration-enhancement packets.

All that’s left is to pick your flavors and place your order. Your supplements will be delivered every 28 days—shipping is free. The monthly shipments can be edited with ease if you ever need to change things up. Click here to take the quiz.

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