Monday, May 27, 2024

Top 100 Lifestyle Trends in May

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The May 2024 lifestyle presents a blend of tech innovation and unexpected ventures.

In a bid to capture consumer attention, Kraft Heinz’s mio debuted its first rebrand in almost a decade, and with it, a first-of-its-kind faucet called TAP* that turns water into a hydrating energy drink. Nature Made also draws attention to itself in a similar vein with the launch of its Pickle-Flavored Multivitamin Gummies, in celebration of National Pickleball Month.

The May 2024 lifestyle list also boasts innovative consumption formats. For example, No Normal Dark Roast Coffee is a ground-breaking coffee paste that is ideal for camping and wilderness adventures.

In the oral care category, MOON Oral Beauty stands out with its performance-driven formulas and minimalist packaging. With products like the multi-functional Purple Color Corrector Toothpaste and the Charcoal Mouth Rinse, the brand is reinventing the way consumers care for their teeth.

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