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Top destination for thrill-seekers has incredible trails and is two hours away

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The gaming comparison website has shared the world’s greatest holiday destinations for thrill-seeking tourists.

When spending time abroad, many travellers like to do exciting activities that they typically would avoid at home, such as rock climbing and going to theme parks.

According to the company’s study, which took into account the number of adventurous attractions such casinos, hiking trails and rollercoasters, France is the top country for thrill-seekers.

Whilst the country has a rich mix of attractions to suit all kinds of tourists, found that it is perfect for those who want to spend time in nature, with 477 rock climbing trails and no fewer than 720,000 hiking routes.

The company also highlighted that France has the third-highest number of rollercoasters in the world, with only America and Germany featuring more.

Another popular choice for tourists looking to get an adrenaline rush on their next holiday is Mexico, with the North American country featuring plenty of scenic countryside.

Tourists visiting Mexico can take their pick from around 185,000 mountain biking trails and climb mountains that are up to 5,636 metres tall.

In addition, the country is well-known for its pleasant weather, which reaches an average of 27 degrees during late spring, and has plenty of beaches for tourists looking to kick back after an action-packed day.

Finally, for tourists who do not want to travel so far for their thrill-seeking holiday, suggested a trip to Spain.

Whilst the country has just 55 rollercoasters, Spain offers visitors no fewer than 10,600 rock climbing trails and a staggering 10.3 million routes to hike on.

Tourists were also urged to consider renting a mountain bike in Spain, allowing them to choose from a selection of 6,430,000 cycling trails.

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