Monday, May 20, 2024

Tragic murder-suicide in Chengalpattu district linked to online gambling debts

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An entrepreneur from Mangadu, Chengalpattu district, committed murder-suicide at his residence, due to the loss of money in online gambling. Identified as Seenuvasan, the entrepreneur had incurred debts through online gambling, prompting him to take measures that resulted in the loss of eight lives, including his own wife and an 8-month-old infant.

Seenuvasan, a participant in various forms of online gambling, had borrowed money from multiple sources. Despite losing a large sum in online gambling ventures, he continued to indulge, even seeking to use his wife’s jewelry and other assets to finance his addiction. Faced with debts and no means to repay, Seenuvasan’s actions drove him to commit suicide, leaving behind a shattered family and community.

This event shows how harmful it can be when people get addicted to gambling, possibly hurting both gambling person and their family. Despite the Tamil Nadu government’s ban on online gambling platforms like Rummy and Poker last year, these platforms continue to remain accessibility to many people on the internet.

While the Chennai High Court had upheld the ban on online gambling last November, stating that it cannot accept activities that lead to loss of life, the recent tragedy highlights the need for action to protect citizens from negative effects of online gambling. The failure of the Tamil Nadu government to enforce strict measures against online gambling platforms has raised concerns about the effectiveness of existing laws and the need to address the issue.

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