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Travel expert shares tip that’s ‘an absolute must’ to save money on holidays

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The travel insurance company has shared a new study claiming one in three tourists are rethinking their summer holiday plans.

Despite many Brits putting a lot of consideration into when and where they will go on holiday, the company noted that a number of common factors are putting more tourists off getaways they have booked, with many replacing them with more affordable alternatives.

Christian Bennett, travel expert at, suggested that tourists should invest in insurance to avoid being left out of pocket by sudden issues forcing holidays to be cancelled.

He explained: “Holidays remain a top priority for many. To protect your holiday investment, travel insurance is an absolute must. Travelling without insurance could leave you paying a hefty bill if something were to go wrong.

“With medical costs rising globally, travel insurance is that added layer of peace of mind that all travellers need.”

According to the study published by, 35 percent of tourists are rethinking their summer holiday plans, with many doing so to save money.

With the cost-of-living crisis causing many to cut back wherever possible, 60 percent of those rethinking their plans say they will holiday during off-peak times.

In addition to missing out on the higher prices, travelling outside of July and August can also help holidaymakers avoid being overwhelmed with crowds.

Another way in which holidaymakers are saving money is by booking a ‘surprise trip’, in which tourists arrive to the airport and board on any flight with available seats.

Naturally, this requires a considerable amount of skill and an open mind, however’s survey found that 20 percent of tourists are considering this.

Young tourists are the most interested in surprise tourism, with 32 percent of 18 to 34-year-olds thinking about travelling this way.

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