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UK’s tallest & fastest rollercoaster to finally reopen this week

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THE UK’s tallest and fastest rollercoaster is finally set to reopen more than two weeks after it was forced to close due to unforeseen circumstances.

Hyperia at Thorpe Park had to shut down the day after its official launch date on May 24, leaving fans feeling bitterly disappointed.


Hyperia was forced to close the day after it first openedCredit: Alamy
The rollercoaster is the tallest and fastest in the UK


The rollercoaster is the tallest and fastest in the UKCredit: Alamy
Thorpe Park has announced that Hyperia will reopen on June 12


Thorpe Park has announced that Hyperia will reopen on June 12Credit: Alamy

Initially, the coaster was due to reopen after five days, but that date was then extended to June 8.

However, the day before that deadline, it was clear that the ride still wouldn’t be ready in time and the park announced it would have to remain closed indefinitely.

Fortunately, thrill-seekers haven’t had to wait much longer, with the ride now set to reopen tomorrow (June 12).

Thorpe Park announced the news via their social media channels, in which they declared: “She’s back!”

The full statement reads: “It’s the highly anticipated update, the one we know you’ve all been waiting so patiently for, and the one we’ve been so excited to share with you.

“She’s back!

“We’re delighted to announce Hyperia will be re-opening to guests from Wednesday 12th June 2024!

“She may have needed a momentary pause after the most epic of launch events, but she’s back in full flight and is ready and waiting to help you find your fearless!

“Once again we want to thank everyone for their understanding and patience.

“Now it’s time to forge your wings of steel, conquer the seemingly impossible and embrace your inner fearlessness onboard the UK’s tallest, fastest and most weightless rollercoaster, Hyperia!”

Thorpe Park unveils new record-breaking Hyperia rollercoaster

The ride’s credentials include a height of 236ft and speeds of more than 80mph.

It swiped the crown of the tallest ride from The Big One in Blackpool Pleasure Beach, which stands just a foot shorter.

Meanwhile, its top speeds of 81mph pip its Thorpe Park stablemate Stealth to the record of the quickest coaster in the country.

Those who were fortunate enough to have a go on the ride before it was forced to close down have said that it’s “the best the UK has to offer“.

Delighted fans shared their joy at the news online, with some planning a special trip to try the new coaster out.

One wrote: “Omg I’m so lucky I was ready for tomorrow for it not to be open when I go.

“Gonna be smiling the rest of the day now, can’t wait.”

Another added: “So tempted to book for the weekend.”

Sun Travel’s Review of Hyperia

Travel Writer Lee Bell visited Thorpe Park to try the new ride out when it first launched, here’s what he thought:

 “I was able to ride the steel monster three times, experiencing its exhilarating speeds in the middle of the train, at the front and then, for my last (and best) ride, right at the back.

“First impressions: it’s unlike any other rollercoaster in the UK right now.

“Not only for the obvious reason that it’s over double the height, but its focus on flinging riders out of their seats and experiencing ‘weightlessness’.

“It’s no surprise that the first drop is what really steals the show on this rollercoaster.

“While it’s the tallest in the country, it’s unique in that it twists riders 180 degrees while they plummet down a huge vertical drop right before reaching the ground at top speeds of over 80mph.

“The back row is easily the best place to experience this, since you’re catapulted over the crest of the drop at speed, and right into the drop with a free-fall-like feeling.

“It’s an incredible ride that will make you want to ride it again and again.

“It’s certainly a coaster that can compete with some of the best in Europe and is easily, in my experience, the best the UK has to offer.”

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Hyperia is set to reopen after being closed for more than two weeks


Hyperia is set to reopen after being closed for more than two weeksCredit: Alamy

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