Friday, May 24, 2024

‘We don’t just want to be a shop but a shopping experience people will travel to’

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There are occasions when you need to go the extra mile to make a success of something you enjoy.

So when Maddie Ashbrook and her mum Stella came up with MOOand BOOM, a sustainable lifestyle and wellbeing shop in Whitchurch during lockdown, it was important to stand out from the crowd a little.

Plenty of people open up independent shops on the high street and sell great products, but is what they offer different?

For Maddie, creating a ‘shopping experience’ is something she believes can make that difference to customers.


And so, while Mooand BOOM stocks fully sustainable clothing, that is eco-friendly, plus pure beauty products, nutrition-based goods, antiques, stationary, beautiful handmade soft furnishings and aromatherapy, there’s so much more to capture the attention of those visiting the shop.

MOOand BOOM includes a cafe and also space for activities such as journalling workshops, creating your own skincare products or making driftwood wind chimes plus yoga and pilates classes

“We try to change things all the time,” says young entrepreneur Maddie, who recently scooped another award from the Federation of Small Businesses.

“So we do events to make visits here more interesting for customers.

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