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Women’s Health Week: Dr. Ayesha Munir

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MOBILE, Ala. (WALA) – It’s Women’s Health Week and USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute Is dedicated to raising awareness about women’s cancers to promote early detection and proactive management strategies.

Triple-Negative Breast Cancer (TNBC) is an exceptionally aggressive form of breast cancer, disproportionately affecting Black women who have significantly higher mortality rates compared to other racial groups. Shockingly, Black women diagnosed with TNBC are 28% more likely to succumb to the disease than white women with identical diagnoses.

Despite advancements in cancer treatment, TNBC remains a formidable challenge to treat effectively, primarily due to its lack of hormone receptors, limiting the effectiveness of targeted therapies. This challenge emphasizes the urgent need for early detection and specialized care to combat this aggressive form of breast cancer effectively.

Dr. Ayesha Munir is a Medical Oncologist at the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute. She is an expert oncologist and researcher focused on confronting health disparities and raising educational awareness in medical oncology. In particular, she addresses disparities faced by Black women with triple-negative breast cancer.

One in five Black women is affected by triple-negative breast cancer, the most aggressive subtype of breast cancer, and faces an increased risk of recurrence and metastasis. Dr. Munir understands the urgency of the situation given the resistance of this cancer type to standard therapies and the resulting higher mortality rates among Black women.

In response, Dr. Munir’s focus extends beyond clinical practice to educating high-risk populations and driving pioneering research initiatives. Her goal is to propel advancements in the assessment, prevention, detection, and treatment strategies tailored specifically for triple-negative breast cancer to improve outcomes and reduce disparities in care.

By advocating for access to specialized care and raising awareness of the unique challenges posed by triple-negative breast cancer, the USA Health Mitchell Cancer Institute can achieve measurable progress in improving outcomes and fostering resilience within affected communities.

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