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O.di.C anticipates the major lifestyle trends of autumn-winter 2025-2026 – Luxus Plus O.di.C anticipates the major lifestyle trends of autumn-winter 2025-2026 – Luxus Plus

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The style and outlook agency founded by Sophie Odic has identified the major themes likely to dominate lifestyle sector creations over the next year and a half. In houses, hotels and even museums…


What will be the major inspirations for creations in the fields of lifestyle, fashion and museography for Autumn-Winter 2025-26?


This is the “divination” exercise once again undertaken by the O.di.C. color-material styling and prospecting bureau. A highly useful exercise for its customers in the fields of home textiles, tableware, furniture, coverings for the Home and Hospitality or Lifestyle in the broadest sense…


To provide the trend books (scenarios, color ranges, materials and harmonies…) that will help them build their collections, the agency has launched its branches everywhere to capture the zeitgeist, whether in France or abroad: Fashion or Design Weeks, trade shows dedicated to the home (Maison & Objets) and textiles (Première Vision), major fashion and cultural events and venues (Festival d’Hyères, Festival de la photo d’Arles, live shows, art galleries, concept stores, department stores…), monitoring of the French and foreign trade press…


A trained eye


The team at this agency, founded in Lyon 12 years ago and now with offices in Paris and Marseille, boasts a sufficiently trained eye to use the right filters…


Founder Sophie Odic has a rich cross-disciplinary background. A graduate in Ceramic Design from the Olivier de Serres School of Applied Arts, as well as in Textile Design from Ensad Art Décos in Paris and an eMBA in Global Fashion Management from the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM), she then consolidated her expertise in textiles, decors and colors, spending seven years on the fashion team at the Première Vision textile trade show. She also became a design consultant for BPI France and an auditor for INMA, the French national institute for the Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV) label for the textile, leather goods and footwear sectors.


Sophie Odic portrait © Sandira Calviac/O.di.C


To sharpen her eye and her forecasts, she relies on an agile core of seven employees, most of whom share time with another activity, always linked to the art, design and fashion professions. Their complementary expertise (color, textile design, graphic design, digital, sociological and editorial approaches) enables them to “create teams dedicated to tailor-made projects”.


Four scenarios


For Autumn-Winter 2025-26, O.di.C has identified four major scenarios, respectively named “Quiet augmented”, “Shape of Live”, “Collectif Experimental” and “Color Move”, each associated with a consumer profile.


These were presented exclusively to customers and prospects on April 18 at the Villa Créatis in Lyon, and on April 24 at the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) in Paris.


© Valentino


Behind the “Quiet Augmented” trend, we find “a singular, quiet approach to the classics that punctuate our daily lives”, “where geometry and curves merge to create that elegance that transcends the ages”. There’s nothing monotonous about it, and on the contrary, it allows us to “suggest strong emotions”, thanks to the marriage of opposites: “moments of exaggeration” that free the classic, “sober and grandiose” blends of “mastery and voluptuousness”… To illustrate this new aesthetic, Sophie Odic evokes Valentino‘s July 2023 runway show, in which silhouettes in voluptuous fabrics from its Haute Couture collection are paraded in the classical setting of Chantilly. Or Prada’s Autumn-Winter 2023-24 campaign, illustrating “one of the key concepts of this trend, namely sober and grandiose”.


Quiet Augmented


The color ranges associated with this trend are “sober and precious, and range from ultra-dark (dark blue…) to warmer, voluptuous shades (tobacco, ice beige…) to natural blond, creating an “atmosphere of luminous, timeless elegance”.


Prada fall-winter 2023-2024 campaign “Conversation with a flower” © Prada


Quiet Augmented” consumers appreciate a “radical minimalism that highlights their attachment to classicism, while playing with its codes”. When it comes to leisure activities, they cultivate escapism by visiting rather confidential destinations such as the chateaux of the Loire Valley or medieval villages in Ireland; they appreciate sports that combine movement and precision, such as tai-chi chuan; they appreciate innovative gastronomy; they are convinced of the role of innovation as a vector for a more virtuous luxury; and in terms of eco-responsibility, they seek “total traceability” and are in favor of the sustainability of materials and manufacturing.


Shape of life



Featured Photo: © Mélanie Magdalena/Unsplash

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