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Dunnes Stores, Tesco Ireland and Aldi Ireland tap Kwayga retail technology to combat cost of living crisis

Dunnes Stores, Tesco Ireland and Aldi Ireland are partnering with Kwayga, a B2B supplier sourcing engine in the food and drink sector, to employ AI driven strategies enabling the accessibility of good quality products at sustainable prices.

Kwayga says that, with its AI data driven technology, buyers can cut sourcing times by 40% and increase the market visibility and trusted engagement for their buyers with potential new suppliers tenfold across Europe.

Mike McGrath, Kwayga CEO, says: “We’re thrilled to support Ireland’s leading supermarkets in their mission to offer unparalleled value and quality to their customers.”

“This collaboration underlines the power of technology to make a real difference in the lives of consumers, particularly in these challenging times. We’re proud to be part of this pioneering approach to retail.”

Heineken taps Blue Yonder retail technology as beer brand looks to improve demand planning

Heineken has announced a supply chain planning capability partnership with Blue Yonder.

The global brewer will implement Blue Yonder Cognitive Demand Planning, a cloud native, microservices-based SaaS solution, that utilises artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to improve forecast accuracy and reduce bias by considering dynamic external and internal variables.

Heineken has been implementing Blue Yonder solutions for multiple years.

It has selected the company as one of its current major supply chain solution providers, as it looks to future proof its demand planning process and leverage AI/ML, autonomous scenario planning, planning process orchestration and solution extensibility.

A logical next step: Wolt makes delivery fleet available for orders outside its own platform via API integration

Finnish delivery service Wolt is opening its platform with the new service Wolt Drive.

This provides its logistics offering to other businesses, enabling deliveries within 35 minutes. In a nutshell, every store, service provider, or e-commerce merchant can now access Wolt’s delivery network in Vienna.

Customers can now select the Wolt Drive option when shopping online at Sacher.

Other businesses include mel&koffie, Schachtelwirt, and Ginza Yipin.

Matthias Winkler, CEO at Sacher Hotels, says: “An original Sacher Torte delivered to your home within one hour? This is now available in Vienna.”

“The trend towards rapid delivery has long since arrived in Vienna. By integrating Wolt as a delivery option into our own online store, we can not only easily meet this customer demand but also rely on a professional delivery infrastructure without having to build our own resources.”

“At the same time, we maintain our operational autonomy: the customer orders directly from us, Wolt handles the logistics.”

US-based Ordergroove brings its subscription technology platform for brands and retailers to the UK

Ordergroove, a subscription technology platform for brands and retailers, has announced its expansion into the United Kingdom.

UK brands including Halfords, Hotel Chocolat and Lily’s Kitchen have been long-standing Ordergroove customers.

In recent months, the company says it has seen an influx in interest from British retailers looking to revamp their subscriber experiences, driving the technology provider to officially expand into the UK.

The likes of Molton Brown, Untamed, Philip Kingsley, YuMove, Augustinus Bader and FlowerBX are now set to launch new and improved subscriber experiences.

Ordergroove supports numerous such experiences including subscribe save, bundles, rotating clubs, prepaid and membership.

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