Saturday, June 15, 2024

Technology could help with poor diabetes control, say experts 

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Experts who attended ‘DTechCon 2024’ in Kochi have said that incorrect injection techniques may lead to uncontrolled diabetes and called for technology to identify and rectify such issues. Technology could be a solution for guiding patients with poor diabetes control, said senior endocrinologists at the conference on Sunday.

Participating in a session on injection techniques for diabetes control, Banshi Saboo said even those who had been taking injections for 20 years made multiple mistakes. “Incorrect injection techniques may lead to uncontrolled diabetes. As much as 25-30% of uncontrolled diabetes cases are due to injection errors,” said Dr. Saboo.

 Diabetologist Jothydev Kesavadev suggested that if there were an app or technology to identify and rectify incorrect injection techniques, it could significantly improve glucose control.

The three-day meet which saw multiple sessions on a wide range of topics relating to technology in diabetes care concluded on Sunday. According to the organisers, the event provided an opportunity for doctors to interact with entrepreneurs, start-ups and other professionals.

Doctors Sunil M. Jain (Indore), Pratik Choudhary (the U.K.), Shashank Joshi (Mumbai), B.M. Makkar (New Delhi) and Inge Van Boxelar (Belgium) were among those who spoke on Sunday. A workshop on Artificial Intelligence was held on the day. Amit Kumar Dey, Alok Modi and Om Lakhani spoke on various aspects of AI in diabetes treatment.

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